Top 8 perks a luxury hotel offers

When you book a luxury hotel, you expect something extra and special. The luxury hotels around the world try to offer the best customer service to their guests. They also provide amenities that the customers don’t get in a normal hotel. Here are some perks you get in a luxury hotel.

A luxury car with chauffeur

The moment you get down from the plane, you will have a luxury car and a chauffeur waiting for you ate the airport. You will be picked up and dropped at the airport without any extra charge. Some hotel also gives you a luxury car for city tours. These are available for hotels located far away from the city.

Personal butler

In a luxury hotel, you will have your personal butler – something you can also order when hiring a luxury vehicle from You can ask your butler to book dinner reservations, unpack your luggage, iron clothes, etc. If you have a baby, then the butler will help to feed your baby also and take care of the baby when you are away. In many luxury hotels, the butler service is complimentary.

Well stocked fridge and mini bar

In luxury hotels, you will find a fridge and mini bar that is well stocked with chocolates, drinks, snacks, etc. Some hotels will ask you beforehand if you want any particular item to be stocked in the fridge. If you have any dietary restrictions, then you can mention that to the hotel staff and they will keep appropriate items in the fridge.

Bathroom amenities

You will find shampoos, soaps, and lotions from renowned brands in the bathroom of a luxury hotel. You can get full bottles of perfumes, hair curlers, skincare products, etc.  There will be lots of towels, robes and many other things.

Workout gear

You don’t need to put a break on your exercise routine when you travel. Luxury hotels will provide you with a pack of exercise gear. There will be shorts, shirts, iPods loaded with songs, weights, etc.

Mobile phones

Many luxury hotels now provide the guests with a mobile phone. You will have the number of a butler, restaurant, spa, car service, etc. saved in the mobile phone. So, whenever you need any service, you can just dial the number.

Movie library

You won’t need to pay for movies in a luxury hotel. You can get a complimentary movie library. So, you can pick up your favorite movie and watch it.

Pet-friendly environment

Luxury hotels provide the pet-friendly environment. In some hotels, you can get room service for pets too. Your pet will get special food and a cozy bed.

You need to pay a high price to stay in a luxury hotel, or to hire a luxury car like a Porsche rental in Nice. However, there are lots of complimentary things you get that make your stay worth it. You can experience the ultimate comfort in a luxury hotel.