5 tips for finding a cheap accommodation when traveling

Accommodation is one of the major fixed expenses for travelers. If you can cut this cost down, then you will be able to lower your travel expense considerably. If you are looking for cheap accommodation while traveling, there are various ways to do so. Here are some tips for you.

Stay with someone local

When you are traveling somewhere, try to find out if anyone you know lives there. If you have a relative or a friend there, you can easily stay in their house. There are some sites like ‘Couchsurfing’ that allows you to live in a local person’s house. Though you will be living with a stranger, you need not be afraid.

As these sites check the person’s background and include reviews that you can read before making your decision. By staying with someone local, you will get to know a lot about the local culture. It will be an amazing experience.

Stay in a hostel

People have this misconception that hostels are for young people and they are dirty. But there are many hostels that are clean and have single or double rooms for solo travelers or couples. So, even older people choose hostels. In a hostel, many people share a room and toilet. The bigger the room, there will be more beds and your rate will be cheaper.

Air bnb

These are apartment-like rentals that are cheaper than hotels, but more expensive than a hostel. You will get a single or double room where you can stay alone or share it with someone else. Air bnb is now a popular accommodation option for the travelers.

Home exchange

People who own a home can join this program. There are sites that offer home exchange programs. If you have seen the movie ‘The Holiday’, you would know what the home exchange is.

Many people fear to move to someone else’s home. But you should remember that someone else is also trusting you with their home. The sites which offer this program do a thorough background check on the members.


You can get cheap deals at hotels too. There are sites that offer you to buy someone else’s reservation. These people are in a situation where they can’t get a refund of their money and so give away the room for a reduced price. You can use various credit card offers to get a good hotel deal. Many sites give away coupons using which you can get a discount.

You need to start searching for accommodation early so that you can get the best deal. With so many options for accommodation, travel need not be so expensive anymore.