A brief history of the hotel industry

From the very old times, we have had hotels. But they were different than the modern day hotels. In the biblical times, the wandering travelers used to stay overnight at the local people’s house.

There were inns which looked like homes. Usually, guests stayed there for a night or two and then continued their journey. Hotels, where guests could stay for an extended period, were rare.

Traveling in the old days

In the early Greek civilizations, villages often offered travelers thermal bath facilities for relaxation. There was no option to stay for the night in these facilities. Travelers used to relax for some time and then start their journey again.

In Rome, the governments and high officials could stay in mansions with spa facilities and food. In the Middle East, travelers stayed in tent facilities. During the medieval times, many guesthouses were opened on the major routes through which trade was carried out.

In the year 1200 permanent hotels were built. The Angel Inn in England and the l’Auberge Cour Saint Georges in Belgium were some of the popular hotels during that time. These hotels acted as the model for modern hotels.

The hotel industry started booming after the 15th century. At this time, according to the French law, the hotel managers needed to maintain a register. Then English law demanded the same thing. The hotel industry truly transformed during the Industrial Revolution.

As the steam engine was invented, travel became more of a common thing. More hotels appeared in the major cities of the world. The first modern hotel was the Le Grand Hotel Paris. This hotel opened in 1862.

Traveling in the 20th century

Due to the economic, technological and social developments, the hotel industry changed drastically. Along with the people of the upper classes, the middle-class people also started traveling for business and leisure.

The inventions of transportations like automobiles and trains made traveling easier. Social benefits like holidays and less number of working hours gave people the time to go on holiday with family. Travel became more frequent when budget airlines entered the market.

Modern day hotels

Now you can get hotels from budget guesthouses to 5-star luxury hotels. Tourism is a big industry now. Due to globalization, people also have to move frequently from one place to another for business or work purposes. There are many sites today that lets you compare the prices of different

The hotel industry is huge now and it’s growing exponentially. People now demand good accommodation along with food and other perks. The hotels are competing with one another to provide the best service to their guests. The hotel industry has a very bright future.