6 ways to give customers a great dining experience at your hotel

Most hotels have their own restaurant so that the guests can dine. The restaurant is one of the major attractions of a hotel. If there is a good restaurant inside the hotel you are staying then you won’t need to go out and search for restaurants. You can just relax and have your lunch or dinner inside the hotel.

That’s why hotel owners must ensure that the guests have a great dining experience at the hotel. Providing a great customer service is very important for a restaurant. A satisfied customer will come back to your restaurant and will spend more money. Here are some tips for providing outstanding customer service.

Welcome the customers warmly

The dining experience starts the moment customers enter the restaurant. So, you should smile and greet the customers warmly. Try to provide the best seat for the customers. Ask them what they prefer.

 You should memorize the menu by heart. You should listen to the customers without interrupting. After you receive the order, repeat what you have noted down, so that there is no mistake.


Timing is very important in a restaurant. If the customers have to wait for a long time, then they will get hungry and irritated. No matter how good your dish is, they won’t be satisfied. So, make sure you have enough staffs to support you in the kitchen so that you can sever the customers without delay.

If a dish needs extra time to prepare then let the customers know beforehand. After they have finished eating, bring the bill to the table. Don’t wait for the customer to ask you for it.


You should follow proper restaurant etiquette. You must serve food from the diner’s left and drinks from the right. Make sure you give appetizers first, then the main dish followed by dessert. Have an arrangement in the kitchen so that the right dish is taken to the right table and there is no mix-up.

Fix problems

If there is any problem, try to fix it immediately. If the customer is not satisfied with something, apologize to them and see what you can do to solve it. If you don’t like what the customer is saying, don’t be angry. Maintain your politeness. Your body language must also be positive. You shouldn’t let the customer be upset at any cost.

Use customer feedback

Have a customer comment card where the customers can write down their remarks about the dining experience. This shows that you care about the customers and that you are willing to improve the service and food.

Use technology

You should provide customers with free WiFi. You can have video games at the table for kids or have a media room for them. You should have an online ordering system so that the customers can place their orders easily by looking at the menu. Your website must be mobile responsive.

If a customer is dissatisfied, it will hamper your reputation and business. So, you should use these tips to provide an excellent dining experience for the guests of your hotel.