6 tips for setting the bar menu of a hotel

A good hotel has a nice bar and restaurant to serve its guests. If you are thinking of designing the bar menu of your hotel, then you should consider the tastes of your guests. Different people have different taste when it comes to food.

Your bar menu should include everything to cater to the need of most of the guests. So, selecting the right bar menu is very important. Here are some tips that will help you to set up the perfect bar menu for your hotel.

Keep the classics

Every restaurant wants to provide unique dishes to the customers. But you shouldn’t forget the classics. So, always keep the classic items in your bar menu. These include simple snacks like French fries, onion rings, nachos, mozzarella sticks, etc. You can add a local flavor to these dishes.

Unique recipes

You should have unique dishes that will act as the eye-catchers. Customers always look for something special. So, you should create your special items. Try to be creative. Mix the flavors in such a way that the customers get a unique taste. You can use exotic ingredients and seasonal items. Give emphasis on the presentation of the dish as well.

Pair food and beverages

You can create a menu by pairing food and beverages. Choose drinks to complement with the food. Beer is a great choice with red meats and heavier meals. Cocktails go well with special dishes. You can keep the wine to go with several dishes as well.


You should have a stock of cheap liquors. These bottles must be placed in an easy-to-reach area. This way you will be able to attend customers quickly as there is a high demand for these liquors. There are some liquors of special brands that customers ask for. These liquors are pricey. You should have vodka, tequila, scotch, whiskey, rum, and other types of liquors.

Pricing the food

You should price the food according to your ingredients and labor. The classic foods are cheap to prepare and so they will be the affordable item on the menu. The special dishes might need more labor and expensive ingredients. So, their price will be higher. If the food is good, the customers will order them more.

Keep track of the demand

You should keep track of the customer demand. See which food and beverage customers are mostly choosing. After some time you can increase the prices of the best selling food and beverage.

You should prepare your bar menu carefully. A good bar menu will attract lots of customers. It will also increase the popularity of your hotel.